Tangled Web in the Kwajalein Atoll...

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The above picture is Kwajalein Island within the Kwajalein Atoll.  If you look off into the background you can see how the atoll continues North of the island.  To better see the background islands click on the image for a full-resolution picture.

I was fortunate enough to be able to dive this ship, the Prinz Eugen, with the Kwajalein Scuba Club.

The above is a post-dive picture of me standing between one of the 2 surviving propellers and the rudder of the capsized Prinz Eugen (the 3rd propeller stands at a memorial in Germany).  The Prinz Eugen was a German "Heavy Cruiser" class ship that was captured during WWII and used in an Atomic Bomb experiment at the Bikini Atoll.  The reason for these tests were to test the effect an atomic concussion would have on a ship of that size.  Though the Prinz Eugen sufferened irreversible damage during these tests, she was not sunk.  Below is a (now declassified) drawing of the test.

The Prinz Eugen was launched in 1938.  The history of this ship is rich, indeed.  I could devote an entire website to this ship.  Instead I have provided links to a most excellent website that is fully dedicated to the history and honor of this great ship.  Simply click on the word "Prinz Eugen" anywhere within the text of this web page, and a new browser window will open to the Prinz Eugen website.

Here's a picture of the Prinz Eugen before her demise in 1946.

This next series of pictures are some underwater pictures I took while diving the Eugen.  My underwater photographic equipment was entry-level stuff, so the pictures aren't great.  However I think they are good enough to tell the story.

Keel of the Prinz Eugen

This first picture is of the keel of the Prinz Eugen.  You have to look closely, but you definitely tell that you're looking at the keel of a large ship.

Diver next to the Keel of the Prinz Eugen

To give you an idea of the size of the keel, here's a picture taken of one of my fellow divers posing next to the keel.

Sextant looking thing within the hull of the ship

This picture looks like a sextant to me.  This picture was taken not too deep within the ship's hull.

Chair within the hull of the ship

This picture is of a chair that maganged to reorient itself right-side up.  Keep in mind that the ship is upside-down, so the chair is actually sitting on the roof.  I suppose the possibility exists that somebody could've placed it that way.

Some kind of ordinance within the hull of the ship


These next 2 pictures are of some kind of ordinance.  When one thinks of torpedoes, one thinks of self-propelled underwater vehicles that are usually launched from a submarine.  When one thinks of bombs, one thinks of objects that are dropped out of planes.  So to be honest with you, I have no idea what these are.  Depth charges, perhaps?  One could only speculate.

Kwajalein Bicycles with ape hangers.

Bicycles are the primary means of transportation on Kwajalein because no private vehicles are permitted.  I got to cruise around on a couple of these and I must say they're quite comfortable.  Dig the ape-hangers, baby.

More underwater pictures.


These picture depict life growing on the hull of the ship.  Again, my underwater photographic equipment was entry level, so the pictures turned out accordingly.  This series of pictures was my first attempt at underwater photography.

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