Doggie door...

A few years back I dated a girl named Mona (we are still great friends to this day).  She had a couple dogs that she wanted to keep out of the livingroom.  Her solution was to install one of those plastic partition things that you have to step over.  I hated that damn thing.  So for Mona's birthday I built her this door.  Here are some pictures!



The challenge of this project was 2 fold:
1. The door had to be removable.
2. It had to be fitted to lath and plaster walls that had been shaped by hand (read: geometrically imperfect).

As you can see I came up with these floating "claws" that grabbed the walls.  Removing the door is as easy as lifting it up and away from the walls.  Templates for the uneven wall as well as measurements for the entire project were made with cardboard templates when Mona wasn't home.  I was surprised at how close the tolerances were.  When the doors are closed they look like they're touching, but they're not.  They clear each other by 1/16" at the top and the bottom.  The claws sort of "grab" the walls so the door is very rigid.

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