Here's my brother with his girlfriend, Cindi.

This is my brother, Steve (aka: Jason Jones aka: Jason Covington) pictured here next to his girlfriend, Cindi.   Like me, he was born in Englewood, N.J.  Unlike me he was born December 21, 1964.

Steven (or "Jason" as I like to call him) works as an auto mechanic and has been doing so since 1986.  His interests include beer, knives and his Harley.   He has a 1982 FLH (Shovelhead).   His bike is a pretty sweet ride.   Nothing fancy and very "old school," the way I like 'em.

He has a beer stein collection and a knife collection.  Both are pretty impressive.  He has recently purchased a Foosball table.  He holds tournements at his house every Wednesday night.  The amount of money you have to kick in for beer is directly proportionate to the point-spread between my brother's and your score.

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